Solar farm

By the end of the decade, up to 37 gigawatts of renewable energy is to come on line in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, while the region’s total investments in renewables may reach $50 billion by 2020. Underpinning these projections are government initiatives with significant visions for long-term growth.

For example:

  • Saudi Arabia has committed US$109 billion to the development of 41gigawatts of solar energy as part of a broader plan to deploy 54 gigawatts of clean energy by 2032;
  • In Morocco, a US$9 billion solar-power project, accounting for 38 percent of country’s installed power generation by 2020, is currently underway.
  • Jordan has targeted 10 percent of power from renewable sources and expects to invest up to US$2.1 billion by 2020;
  • The Egyptian government will invest US$1billion in solar energy as it looks to increase the country’s share of renewables to 20 percent by 2020; and
  • Renewable energy investments in sub-Saharan Africa –particularly in South Africa, Kenya and Ethiopia – are expected to grow to more than US$7 billion by 2016.

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