Plasma gasification technology is rapidly developing and could be an excellent method to divert MSW from landfill and produce valuable by-products.

Plasma gasification is an emerging technology which can process landfill waste to extract commodity recyclables and convert carbon-based materials into fuels. It can form an integral component in a system to achieve zero-waste and produce renewable fuels, whilst caring for the environment. Plasma arc processing has been used for years to treat hazardous waste, such as incinerator ash and chemical weapons, and convert them into non-hazardous slag.

Plasma gasification might still be in its infancy but it has great potential to operate more efficiently than other combustion and pyrolysis systems due to its very high temperature, heat density, and nearly complete conversion of carbon-based materials to syngas and non-organics to slag. Syngas can be combusted directly or refined into higher grade fuels and chemicals. Slag being the cooled remains of melted waste has many applications within the construction industry.

Due to the intense temperatures, Plasma torch technology has proven reliable at destroying hazardous waste and can help transform environmental liabilities into renewable energy assets. Burning at temperatures approaching 5500ºC (10,000˚F), Plasma torch technology can reliably destroy any materials found on earth with the exception of nuclear waste. To put the temperatures into context, plasma is found in lightning and on the surface of the sun.

Plasma gasification technology presents many additional benefits including:
• Zero waste to landfill
• Significantly lower carbon impact in comparison to other waste treatment methods
• Efficient electricity production
• Being a far more superior technology than gasification

However, the technology still requires development in order to achieve lower emissions and a positive environmental performance. With proper R&D and further engineering, this technology has the potential to be a great solution for the future.

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